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About Us

About Tiny Isle

As seasoned adepts of the food service industry, we the Tiny Isle proprietors, Lisa Parker and Roland Barker, have been exploring our love and of food and cuisine through many cultures and venues around the world. Our culinary journey on Kauaʻi began in 2004 with the Blossoming Lotus Cafe. We saw the Lotus through its transformation from small, funky vegan cafe to a beautiful award-winning, fine-dining establishment that is still remembered fondly many years after it closed its doors in 2008.

Soon after the restaurant closed co-owner Jessica Murray, who developed the raw vegan fudge recipe which was a popular dessert at the restaurant, began selling the live fudge to stores and individuals around the island. The company was known then as Lotus Fudge and Live Pies. After a couple of years, Jessica sold the business to fellow Lotus workers Katie and Jeff. They expanded the product line to include the Hawaiian macadamia nut butters and the unique soft chocolate truffles, a recipe Katie developed as a more portable raw, vegan chocolate treat. In 2014 they rebranded the company as Tiny Isle.

The company’s success has continued through the years expanding business to Whole Foods and Down To Earth markets on Oʻahu, and Maui. On the Big Island of Hawaiʻi we can be found at Island Naturals and Abundant Life Natural Foods on both Hilo and Kona sides of the island. We can even be found up in Havi at Maki Sun. For those of you on the mainland our nut butters  can be found at the Nectary Juice Bar in Sebastopol, California, the creation of another Lotus community member Gia Biaocchi. In late 2015, the company was lovingly passed into the hands of Roland and Lisa and that’s where we are today.

The concern for organic, plant based living, environmental awareness, and focus on creative, delicious, food is very much alive and active on the island of Kauaʻi today, both in the community the Lotus drew together and in culinary adventures it inspired. We are happy to say that Tiny Isle is truly one of its legacies, carrying on its core values in the love of delicious, ethical and nutritious food.