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The Fifth Flavor

We’ve kept pretty consistent about the truffle and fudge flavors here. Lisa and I kept on with the same recipes Katie developed years ago. Sales were good, feedback was good. There was no reason to change thing up. Besides, the company was new to us, and we didn’t want to complicate things before we’d mastered producing the established products.

lava-truffleA couple of months ago, we noticed that the “Spicy Lava” truffles and fudge were consistently the last ones left. Maybe Spicy Lava wasn’t finding it’s audience, maybe the name was a little scary, maybe it wasn’t spicy enough (it’s not very spicy, despite containing hot, hot ni’oi chile)…whatever the reason, perhaps it was time to take the “lava” out of circulation.

The idea dawned that we should change things up on a regular basis, and then…how about a seasonal flavor? A new fifth flavor every season; change it on the equinoxes/solstices…that was clearly the thing to do. And so we are.

ripe-lycheeEvery three months, we’ll produce a new, seasonal fifth flavor, maybe repeat them every year, maybe keep inventing new ones. There are so many delicious possibilities, it would be impractical to produce them all, so over time, we’ll cycle through the best ideas to come out of the test kitchens.

Truffle Hot Cocoa

Make a delicious, warming hot drink for chilly winter nights! It’s really quick and easy:

  1. hot-cocoa-1Place one of your favorite-flavor Tiny Isle truffles in a large mug. Cut it up first if you want it to dissolve faster.
  2. Heat 1 cup of your favorite milk over the stove. Just get it hot, don’t boil it.
  3. hot-cocoa-2Pour the hot milk over the truffle.
  4. hot-cocoa-3Use an electric frother (as shown here) or a small whip to blend in the chocolate and give the hot cocoa a nice, frothy top. I highly recommend the frother, it’s so much fun, and the froth really makes it!