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The Chocolate Thief

Deep in the wilds of Minneapolis Minnesota lurks a wily Chocolate Thief.  A few days ago our friendly Minneapolis Tiny Isle customers arrived home to find to their surprise that their heavily reinforced package of macnut butters and truffles had been attacked. One side had been totally ripped off and a bag of 15 truffles was missing. A trail of foil wrappers was found leading from their porch to the nearby park and a white streak had been observed leaving the scene. The squirrel is apparently a well known character in the neighborhood.

Little did anyone suspect that they had to guard their Tiny Isle truffles from being raided by an albino squirrel! Beware, he watches and waits. No truffle is safe.


Yoga and Chocolate

Yoga and Chocolate go Hand-in-Mudra!  (Get it?)

Why? Well, raw cacao raises our feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins and serotonin, and it contains anandamide – the”bliss” molecule – promoting relaxation and prolonging that bliss feeling after a yoga sesh. 

It’s also high in anti-oxidants which block free-radicals, as well as Sulfur, aka the beauty mineral, both of which help you LOOK as amazing as you FEEL in your favorite asana.

Raw cacao is known as a heart-healthy food because it promotes cardiovascular circulation and aids in weight loss.

And best of all, raw cacao is the highest dietary source of Magnesium – a powerhouse mineral which has myriad benefits including… halting muscle cramps and actually increasing flexibility! 

Tiny Isle Truffles pack a double dose of raw cacao while our Fudge chunks also contain Coconut Oil – another awesome superfood. Both are sweetened with Ojio agave nectar, which is low-glycemic and high in minerals and inulin – a molecule which aids pro-biotic health.

Find our Truffles at Metamorphose Yoga Studio – open tonight for Kilauea Art Walk! 

Our Fudge chunks are available in the fridge at Bikram Yoga Kapaa – also open tonight for a special trunk show! 

Moms love Tiny Isle


This is your one week notice, guys and gals. Yep that’s right, Mother’s Day is one week from today! Time to say thanks to your mom for all the times she stayed up late sewing your Halloween costumes, all the rides “all over tarnation” to hang out with your friends, not to mention all the sage advice about how your face might “freeze like that” and of course the right-on warnings about not jumping off bridges just because your friends would. She kept you in line and now you get to show your appreciation with the very bestest treats around. (Don’t worry, Mom, I know “bestest” is not a real word!)

And because she always said “sharing is nice” (see, mom, we were listening), Tiny Isle is offering a special deal from now thru Mother’s Day. For every $20 you spend* in our shop, we’ll throw in a free Truffle Single just for you! *not including shipping. Tell us which flavor you would like in the comments section in your shopping cart.


Looks like Da Food Chain was having fun with Tiny Isle Fudge Mix recently! These adorable heart-shaped chunks of fudge look almost too cute to eat! I said ALMOST.

Have you tried our DIY Fudge Mix yet? It’s raw and organic and takes the guess work out of chocolate making. The directions call for coconut oil and a liquid sweetener of your choosing. We typically use agave nectar, but this mix is so versatile, we’ve also made it with: Honey, maple syrup, coconut syrup, and brown rice syrup! And yes, they are ALL delicious.

If you’ve made chocolate before, you know that it’s flavor is almost always enhanced by vanilla. Ironic eh?  So we do recommend adding some vanilla, but we’ve also added mint, orange, coffee, cherry, coconut, lemon, lime, rosemary, etc. What is your favorite chocolate flavor combo?