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Matcha Mint Chocolate Truffle

Dark chocolate mint truffle topped with matcha and mint-infused vegan white chocolate.


Inspired by a visit to our friends over at Mauna Kea Tea, we developed a whole new kind of mint chocolate experience!

We've been experimenting with the melty goodness of vegan white chocolate, looking for a good opportunity to share what we've discovered. Well, it turns out that adding locally-grown organic matcha and organic mint extract was the magic that elevated the white chocolate to a complex experience of sweet, aromatic, and bitter notes.

Mauna Kea Tea is a certified organic tea farm in the Hāmākua uplands of Hawaii island. Owned and operated by Taka and Kimberly Ino, their teas are grown with the conscious intention to work in harmony with nature, with the understanding that this intention is carried into the tea itself. We are proud to be using their "Powdered Green Tea of the Sun" in our Matcha Mint truffles.

Ingredients: *Raw Cacao, *Cacao Butter, *Raw Agave Nectar, *Cane Sugar, *Mauna Kea Tea Matcha, *Mint Extract, Kauai Vanilla Extract, Kona Sea Salt.

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