We give a fudge!

We are self-proclaimed Eco-nerds who love clean beaches! With a science degree in Environmental Systems, Katie is uniquely able to identify and balance the environmental pros and cons of running a small business, while Jeff is an ace at streamlining and implementation. Tiny Isle applies the “be the change” principle, happy to help and hoping to inspire other businesses to consider the real bottom line- the health of individuals and the land.

Ingredients  Unwaveringly 100% organic, GMO-free and gluten-free. Local Hawaiian ingredients include: macadamia nuts, shredded coconut, raw honey, vanilla, nioi chili peppers & sea salt. Everything we make is considered raw food, thus containing more beneficial nutrients. Everything except our local Honey is vegan.

Packaging  Good food in junky wrappers confounds us! At Tiny Isle, we have implemented a No Plastic Policy for our packaging. We use re-usable glass jars for our Mac Nut Butters, and recyclable foils for our Chocolate Fudge and Truffle Bites. Our Fudge Mix bags and Truffles Gift Box windows are made of “tree plastic,” which is renewable and compostable. Our dry tags are made from 100%  recycled paper, and are compostable and biodegradable.

Practices  We are proud to make our treats in a solar-powered kitchen. We also implement a number of energy-saving and waste-reducing strategies, such as using recycled-paper invoice books, recycled and chlorine-free parchment paper, and phosphate-free soaps. We try to re-use even before recycling and have been lucky enough to team up with local businesses who are happy to re-use items we would otherwise recycle like plastic agave jugs and cacao bags.

Community In spite of our name, we know no man is an island! We wouldn’t be able to do what we love without the support from our Ohana, both near and far. We’re happy to give back with donations to non-profits and we love to talk story at community events– like the Old Kapaa Town Art walk.