About Our Name

About Our Name

We are now Tiny Isle

Back in 2013 we changed our name from Lotus Fudge to Tiny Isle. Why, you ask?

Our business baby had grown, from a wee three-flavor raw fudge company, to an ambitious enterprise with three multi-flavor product lines, including organic Truffle Bites, Macadamia Nut Butters and raw Fudges. Simply stated, we outgrew the name Lotus Fudge.

Tiny Isle better suits our company because it’s not just a name – it’s our philosophy! From organic ingredients to eco-friendly packaging and practices, we’re thinking global and acting local, while spreading aloha!

An obvious nod to the home we love so much, our new name Tiny Isle represents the island of Kaua’i. Small and precious but also strong and vibrant, Kaua’i reminds us daily how everything in nature is connected, both on the island and out in the world. We apply this principle as our part of mission, and always consider the ripple effects of our business.

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