FDA: “Love” is not an Ingredient

Well, the official word is out, we’re no longer allowed to put love into our products.

Just kidding…really we’re just not allowed to list “love” as in ingredient on our product packaging.

We’ve had “love” listed as an ingredient from the beginning, and although we chose to remove it several months ago (in order to be compliant with Whole Foods’ requirements) we still love making delicious, healthful treats in our kitchens here in Kapaa. We work with conscious intention for health, healing, love and gratitude in making all our products.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help commenting on this news item because it’s so typical of the humorlessness of these bureaucracies that can’t recognize that people have the common sense to know when something is meant as an intention as opposed to a physical thing. I mean who thinks that we have a big bag of “love” back here and are adding it by the spoonful? Metaphorically, yes, that’s exactly what we are doing…but I think everyone gets that.

2 thoughts on “FDA: “Love” is not an Ingredient

  1. How funny. FDA added some other regulations to the nutrition label and ingredients from what I saw, including having to list added sugar. There is good and there is bad I guess..

  2. I think people enjoy reading”love” as an ingredient in products. It makes them smile and feel good. OMG What’s wrong with that? Honestly, everyone knew why it was there- as part of the Aloha spirit millions travel to Hawaii to experience.

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