Moms love Tiny Isle


This is your one week notice, guys and gals. Yep that’s right, Mother’s Day is one week from today! Time to say thanks to your mom for all the times she stayed up late sewing your Halloween costumes, all the rides “all over tarnation” to hang out with your friends, not to mention all the sage advice about how your face might “freeze like that” and of course the right-on warnings about not jumping off bridges just because your friends would. She kept you in line and now you get to show your appreciation with the very bestest treats around. (Don’t worry, Mom, I know “bestest” is not a real word!)

And because she always said “sharing is nice” (see, mom, we were listening), Tiny Isle is offering a special deal from now thru Mother’s Day. For every $20 you spend* in our shop, we’ll throw in a free Truffle Single just for you! *not including shipping. Tell us which flavor you would like in the comments section in your shopping cart.

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