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About Agave Nectar

We sometimes get questions or comments about our use of agave nectar in our chocolate truffles and fudge. I’d like to share our perspective on this subject since the integrity of the ingredients in our products is a big concern for us and I believe for our customers as well. First, I’d like to stress that … Continue reading About Agave Nectar

The Fifth Flavor

Every three months, we’ll produce a new, seasonal fifth flavor, maybe repeat them every year, maybe keep inventing new ones. There are so many delicious possibilities, it would be impractical to produce them all, so over time, we’ll cycle through the best ideas to come out of the test kitchens.

Truffle Hot Cocoa

Make a delicious, warming hot drink for chilly winter nights! It’s really quick and easy: Place one of your favorite-flavor Tiny Isle truffles in a large mug. Cut it up first if you want it to dissolve faster. Heat 1 cup of your favorite milk over the stove. Just get it hot, don’t boil it. Pour … Continue reading Truffle Hot Cocoa

Yoga and Chocolate

Yoga and Chocolate go Hand-in-Mudra!  (Get it?) Why? Well, raw cacao raises our feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins and serotonin, and it contains anandamide – the”bliss” molecule – promoting relaxation and prolonging that bliss feeling after a yoga sesh.  It’s also high in anti-oxidants which block free-radicals, as well as Sulfur, aka the beauty mineral, both … Continue reading Yoga and Chocolate

Moms love Tiny Isle

This is your one week notice, guys and gals. Yep that’s right, Mother’s Day is one week from today! Time to say thanks to your mom for all the times she stayed up late sewing your Halloween costumes, all the rides “all over tarnation” to hang out with your friends, not to mention all the … Continue reading Moms love Tiny Isle


Looks like Da Food Chain was having fun with Tiny Isle Fudge Mix recently! These adorable heart-shaped chunks of fudge look almost too cute to eat! I said ALMOST. Have you tried our DIY Fudge Mix yet? It’s raw and organic and takes the guess work out of chocolate making. The directions call for coconut … Continue reading Re-gram!