The Vanillery of Kauai

The vanillery

We are fortunate to live on a small 2 1/3‑acre homestead on the east side of the island of Kauai. This land has been in Roland’s family since the 60’s when his grandparents fell in love with Kauaʻi and bought this little plot of land in a quiet rural neighborhood. Care of this land was given to us when Roland’s father passed in 2003, and we came here with the vision of creating a sustainable way to live in harmony with nature that we could share with our friends and family.

image of vanilla beans getting sorted

The vanillery is the success story of one of the many culinary plants we foster here on the land. In this case, a vanilla vine was found growing on a tree soon after we moved here. We propagated it, learned how to get it to flower and pollinate it, then learned how to cure the beans that grew...though not very well at first! Over the years we honed our craft and our love of this plant deepened. In 2014, we built the vanillery and vanilla as a business was born.

We're proud of the vanilla we produce, we feel it is some of the best quality vanilla you can buy anywhere! See more at Vanillery.com.