Cosmic Coconut Chocolate Truffle


Dark chocolate truffle with lots of Kauai coconut throughout and a big bang of coconut flavor.

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“it’s out-of-this-world coconutty”

We’ve had a “Kauai Coconut” truffle since we started making the truffles in 2012. It was good, but we had a vision for something…more. As kids, we loved the “mounds” bar, and sought to capture the blissful coconut taste of our memories (I’m sure the real thing wouldn’t live up to that!) so we added a touch of natural coconut extract, plus more of our own locally-sourced coconut…and zounds! the Cosmic Coconut Truffle was manifest in all it’s deliciousness!

Ingredients: *Raw Cacao, *Cacao Butter, *Raw Agave Nectar, Kauai Coconut, *Natural Coconut Extract, *Vanilla Extract, 100% Hawaiian Kona Sea Salt.


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