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Macadamia Nut Butters

Macadamia Nut Butters boggle the Mind

“Wait, what?!” …is what most people say when they learn we went from making chocolates to making Mac Nut Butters. But really it wasn’t too great of a leap. As I remember it, we were in the Fudgery crushing some organic macadamia nuts to sprinkle on the Truffles, when all of a sudden our favorite song came on and we started a dance party! Naturally. Next thing we know, the song was over, and we had made Mac Nut Butter from the nuts! Whoopsies! Tragedy? We think not. From humble (yet rockin’) beginnings came these Macadamia Nut Butters with flavors that are truly mind-boggling.

Original – Just raw nuts and a touch of sea salt. Simple, smooth, and delicious

Honey – Our Original Mac Nut Butter blended to perfection with sweet Kauai Honey

Toasted – Just the nuts and sea salt but this time toasted to bring out the full sweet goodness of the macnuts.

Toasted Chocolate  – Our toasted Mac Nut Butter mixed with raw blue agave, raw cacao and vanilla melds deliciously beautiful thing we often refer to as spoonable brownie. It is what nutella wishes it could be.

Truffle Bites

Our Truffle Bites were made for YOU!

Yes, you- our “have chocolate, will travel” friends. Where our Fudge is melty, our Truffles stay solid, yet retain their silky mouthfeel. How did we do it, you ask? Is it magic? Even better – science! We simply replaced the coconut oil with cacao butter, which has a higher melting point. This also makes our Truffles even more rich, dark and, well, chocolatey! Both our Fudge and our Truffles contain untempered raw cacao, which means they have more available anti-oxidants, magnesium and other beneficial nutrients.

Mac Nut  Chocolate & Mac Nut is the Hawaiian version of a classic food romance, right up there with Chips & Salsa and PB & J (though Jelly claims they are just friends).

Coconut  Delicately sprinkled with fresh dehydrated Kaua’i coconut

Mint Crunch  With crunchy bits of raw cacao, its crunchy smooth and bitter sweet.

Hawaiian Sea Salt  Civilizations have waged war over salt, but in Kaua’i salt is frequently given as a gift. Share your Truffles and spread the Aloha!

Lava  A spicy bite with Nioi Chilies and real Cinnamon


Tiny Isle Raw Fudge

Dark, rich, and melty-in-your-mouth, Tiny Isle Fudge is loved by all! Unlike traditional Fudge with heavy cream and refined sugars, we make our raw chocolate fudge with coconut oil which is known to have myriad health benefits, including increasing metabolism. Combined with raw cacao, our Fudge is a true Superfood, rich in anti-oxidants and essential minerals. Our fudge is sweetened with raw, organic agave nectar: no processed sugars here!

Please note that cold-pressed coconut oil is a liquid at room temperature, so our Fudge chunks have to stay chilled. That’s why they are found only on Kaua’i – so far! Our five island-inspired flavors:

Original  A smooth bite of unadulterated bliss

Mac Nut  The Hawaiian daydream, topped with crunchy bits of raw macadamia nuts, fresh from Big Island

Coconut  Are you loco for coco? This one is topped with freshly dehydrated Kaua’i coconut.

Mint Crunch  Smooth minty fudge topped with crunchy cacao nibs. Your mouth will thank you.

Salted Caramel Rich, dark raw fudge topped with generous chinks of coconut caramel. A tropical take on the classic chocolate combo.