Yoga and Chocolate

Yoga and Chocolate go Hand-in-Mudra!  (Get it?)

Why? Well, raw cacao raises our feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins and serotonin, and it contains anandamide – the”bliss” molecule – promoting relaxation and prolonging that bliss feeling after a yoga sesh. 

It’s also high in anti-oxidants which block free-radicals, as well as Sulfur, aka the beauty mineral, both of which help you LOOK as amazing as you FEEL in your favorite asana.

Raw cacao is known as a heart-healthy food because it promotes cardiovascular circulation and aids in weight loss.

And best of all, raw cacao is the highest dietary source of Magnesium – a powerhouse mineral which has myriad benefits including… halting muscle cramps and actually increasing flexibility! 

Tiny Isle Truffles pack a double dose of raw cacao while our Fudge chunks also contain Coconut Oil – another awesome superfood. Both are sweetened with Ojio agave nectar, which is low-glycemic and high in minerals and inulin – a molecule which aids pro-biotic health.

Find our Truffles at Metamorphose Yoga Studio – open tonight for Kilauea Art Walk! 

Our Fudge chunks are available in the fridge at Bikram Yoga Kapaa – also open tonight for a special trunk show! 

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