Raw Fudge

Raw Fudge

Dark, rich, and melty-in-your-mouth, Tiny Isle Fudge is loved by all! Unlike traditional Fudge with heavy cream and refined sugars, we make our raw chocolate fudge with coconut oil which is known to have myriad health benefits, including increasing metabolism. Combined with raw cacao, our Fudge is a true Superfood, rich in anti-oxidants and essential minerals. Our fudge is sweetened with raw, organic agave nectar: no processed sugars here!

Please note that cold-pressed coconut oil is a liquid at room temperature, so our Fudge chunks have to stay chilled. That’s why they are found only on Kaua’i – so far! Our five island-inspired flavors:

Original  A smooth bite of unadulterated bliss

Mac Nut  The Hawaiian daydream, topped with crunchy bits of raw macadamia nuts, fresh from Big Island

Coconut  Are you loco for coco? This one is topped with freshly dehydrated Kaua’i coconut.

Matcha Mint  Smooth minty fudge topped with Mauna Kea Tea matcha-infused white chocolate.

Salted Caramel Rich, dark raw fudge topped with generous chinks of coconut caramel. A tropical take on the classic chocolate combo.

Lava Love Dark chocolate spiced with cinnamon and just of touch of Hawaiian Nioi chile.