Kona Sea Salt

Kona Sea Salt is located on the Kona coast of Hawaii island, on its westernmost point. They pride themselves in producing a premium quality culinary sea salt, earning accolades from top executive chefs and fitness experts for its delicate flavor and rich trace mineral content.

Kona Sea Salt is entirely hand tended from the moment the sea water, drawn from 2200 feet deep, arrives on the farm. After about four weeks of unhurried evaporation using a closed-system solar dryer, the bright Hawaiian sun transforms the seawater into pure white crystals, the first stage in the saltmaking process.

photo of two people working in a salt farmNext, the crystals are gently scooped into buckets and wheeled to covered wooden hoppers. Here, the remaining moisture is drained from the salt creating a concentrated brine called nigari, or bitterns. Nigari is used in the traditional manufacture of tofu.

Once it’s fully dried, the salt is patiently inspected to exacting standards and packaged for use.

We are sometimes asked if all this fuss about salt is necessary, but if you ever have a chance to taste regular table salt against a fine quality sea salt, the difference in flavor is obvious. Good sea salt has a gentler saltiness, some complexity, and noticeably lacks the acrid flavor of industrial table salt.

This Hawaiian sea salt is lower in sodium and contains the full spectrum of trace minerals found in the ancient sea water.

Kona Sea Salt