Island-Style Guacamole

Most of what you need to make guacamole can be found outside your back door here in Hawaii. We probably have 10 avocado trees around here, make that 10 different kinds of avo trees! Several are ready at this time of year, so we are required to eat lots of avocado every day.

Each of us here makes the guac in their own way. My way is to season the avocado with enough lime, chili and salt to make it exciting. Those four ingredients make kind of the perfect ensemble—but even so, additions like cilantro and green onion are welcomed also. The light, assertively aromatic flavor of those greens adds distinct and harmonious notes. We enjoy the guacamole frequently during avocado season, which for us lasts from September to March.

I wanted to take this picture because it shows these essential ingredients in their purest, freshest state. The mac nut butter was because I thought it might go well. Do we put macadamia nut butter into our guacamole? No, not really! It might well be good, but nobody I suggested it to thought it sounded good. So instead, I made an avocado salad, which does use mac nut butter.

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