Tiny Isle Chocolate Macadamia Banana Split

Using locally-made and grown ingredients, we can make a delicious ice cream banana split sundae!

We used:

First, we make the fudge sauce by mixing some liquid coconut oil with the chocolate macadamia nut butter. This thins the mac nut butter out a little so it can be poured over the sundae. You'll need about 2 tbs. mac nut butter per sundae, and for each 2 tbs. of mac nut butter, mix in about 1 tsp. of liquid (melted) coconut oil.

Nam Wah (also known as "Thai") bananas are a locally-available variety, but of course any ripe banana will do. We chill our bowls and bananas beforehand so the ice cream won't melt on contact.

show the roselle salt getting added to the sundae

Put the split banana into a bowl, then put in 2-3 small scoops of ice cream. Here on Kauai, Rainbow Road is a local maker of plant-based ice creams. This one features 'ulu (breadfruit) and our own Vanillery of Kauai vanilla beans. If you're on the island I highly recommend you try their ice cream, it's delicious.

On top of the bananas and ice cream goes the macadamia nut butter fudge sauce we made. Next, we add a small handful of macadamia nuts.

We top this off with a sprinkle of Slow Island Roselle Hibiscus Kona Sea Salt, which adds a delightfully unexpected salt/sour accent to the dish. You should probably order it from their website.

The fudge sauce will harden as it cools, give it a minute before serving for the best chocolate shell effect.

Enjoy with no guilt whatsoever!



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