We're Proud to be Using 100% Hawaiian Sea Salt

In most Tiny Isle products, salt plays a subtle, yet critical role in enhancing the flavor of the foods we produce. For us, it is essential that the salt we use be 100% sourced from Hawaiian waters and made by a local business. We found an excellent source of such salt from Kona Sea Salt on the Big Island.

Anyone who has done a taste test with salt knows that all salt does not taste the same. Sea salts are a collection of various mineral salts, and the trace minerals, moisture content, and actual crystalline form of the salt all play an important role in the flavor. Describing the flavor of salt is difficult, but Kona Sea Salt is one of the best-tasting salts I've tried. As a person who is very passionate about delicious food, I pay a lot of attention to the salt I use, and this is one of the best.

Kona Sea Salt is collected from over 2,000 feet below the surface. The waters at these depths are old and pure. The resulting salt is a bright white color, and it comes in the form of fluffy crystal flakes that have a nice crunch. You can directly experience this with our Sea Salt Truffle.

For our recipes, the salt is ground into a fine powder so it will blend and marry with the other ingredients. We use the smallest effective quantity of salt so you're not really tasting it in most cases. On the other hand, we have sea salt truffles and our salted caramel truffle where the salt flavor is more present.

We're proud to be using this 100% Hawaiian sea salt made on the Big Island.

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