On Macadamia Nuts and Organic Certification

We sometimes get asked whether Tiny Isle products are organic. The answer is, as far as certification goes, no. As far as food quality and food ethics are concerned, we believe we hold our products to as high a standard as any certified organic manufacturer.

As anyone who owns a small business will likely agree, when you're small, margins are tight. Paying for organic certification (many thousands as a yearly expense) doesn't look like a sensible choice to us, especially in the local/artisanal products market where the organic label isn't as necessary.

We also know that our local macadamia nut farmers and beekeepers are going to face similar choices about getting certified.

It's Not About the Certification

Instead of looking for a certificate, we get to know our producers and see their operations. We gain firsthand knowledge of the quality of what they produce. Visiting the farm, we get a sense of their relationship to the land, and see that organic farming methods are in use. This makes sense to us, and we think that approach is also appreciated by the people who enjoy our products.

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