Tiny Isle and 8 Billion Trees

We humans are currently experiencing a world wide epidemic that affects our lungs. Trees are known as the lungs of the earth. Is this a coincidence? We are also collectively, all of us humans around the planet, without exception, experiencing a world wide crisis on so many levels: health care systems, political systems, economies, mental health, food production and distribution systems to name a few.

While this time of unprecedented shut down and change is scary and no one knows what is going to happen it is also a time to reflect and make new choices that will affect what comes next for each of us, for humanity and for our planet. Because, as we are all learning, it is all connected.

We are currently also experiencing a moment, a pause, in our lives because much of our busy world has stopped its activity and many people are sequestered in their homes with their families and local communities. With this pause we have a space to breathe. At the same time we are forced to make changes in our usual ways of doing things which gives us a change of perspective.

It is a time to really look at our lives and the world around us. Because we are out of our routines and comfort zones we can begin to see what is working and not working in our lives, in our families, in our communities, our nations, and on our planet. In this space, not only is the air and water becoming clear for the first time in decades, we can begin to see clearly what is really important and what is not.

Current observations are finding that those who have contracted the virus in areas with high air pollution are being hit harder. There is a relationship between the way we have been living our lives and the pollution, environmental degradation and deforestation going on all around us. It is well known that trees filter the air, provide oxygen, breathe in carbon dioxide, provide a wealth of foods, medicines, and other resources to us and provide habitat for countless numbers of wildlife. Trees also draw in and help maintain moisture levels in the atmosphere and in the ground. They can even influence weather patterns.

We all know deforestation is destroying habitats, fueling climate change, and increasing pollution. Deforestation contributes to famines, desertification and shifts populations from areas that are no longer habitable creating refugees into other areas . The expanding refugee situation can cause conflicts and destabilize societies. If we don't start to do something NOW this world will be seeing more and more pandemics, more starvation, more refugees and more and more extreme weather events. If we don’t do something Now this planet will not be a place of wonder and abundance for our children and grandchildren. And many of the animals who currently live here will be gone forever.

Many people don't feel it's possible to do anything to help in the face of such huge and overwhelming problems. But they are wrong. While planting trees won't solve all the world's issues it is something tangible that we CAN do right now that will make a BIG difference to our all connected, world wide, environment and help in saving the lives of millions of endangered animals immediately.

8 Billion Trees is doing just that. Their plan is big and profound and we all can participate easily and effortlessly. Tiny Isle has become a supporter of 8 Billion Trees so know that money you spend at Tiny Isle goes to help support this work. But you can also become a direct supporter yourself. Here is some information taken from the 8 Billion Trees website:

“At it's core, 8 Billion Trees carries out large-scale tree planting and tree conservation operations to fuel positive environmental change and defend habitats for animals, while also caring for displaced and hurt animals by utilizing wildlife sanctuaries and veterinary clinics focused in devastated and deforested areas.

We hope to serve as an example for other companies by proving that focusing on social and environmental responsibility just as much as profit is a sustainable business model. Our mission is restoring Earth and fighting against the evils of deforestation. We are always striving to find new ways to revitalize and restore the environment. Ultimately, we are here to leave the world a better place than we found it, while inspiring others to do the same for an Earth of tomorrow that is greener and brighter for all.

Through focusing on planting and conserving trees around the world, we can fight deforestation causing habitat destruction that is displacing millions of animals, as well as man-made climate change affecting us now--and for all future generations to come. Furthermore, by conserving existing trees and planting new trees, we can help to save endangered animals like the orangutans in Indonesia, the lemurs in Madagascar and the sloths in Brazil.

By subscribing and becoming a member, you are taking a stand in the fight for a better, greener, more sustainable Earth. Furthermore, you make a powerful, direct impact in the lives of people living in less developed areas.


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