Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Recipe by Dani Breiner of @danishealthyeats

Strawberry Shortcake that's actually healthy? These vegan, strawberry shortcake cookies are a healthier spin on the traditional summertime treat. Made with our freshly ground macadamia nut butter, vegan cream cheese, and white chocolate, these cookies are a burst of color and flavor!




1 cup almond flour

1/3 cup tapioca flour

1 tsp vanilla + pinch of sea salt

1/3 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 cup maple syrup


1/4 cup macadamia nut butter 

2 tbsp vegan cream cheese

2 tbsp maple syrup

1/4 tsp vanilla + pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp melted coconut oil if your nut butter isn’t runny, to make a caramel consistency!

1/4 cup unsweetened strawberry jam


1 cup chopped white chocolate

freeze dried strawberries



1. Combine all the cookie ingredients together until dough forms.

2. Drop by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet & flatten with your palm.

3. Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes or until golden around the edges. Cool.

4. Mix together the filling ingredients. Taste & adjust as needed. Divide it over top of the cookies.

5. Place a little dollop of jam in the center of each one.

6. Melt the white chocolate. Pour over top of the jam/caramel layer & gently swirl with a knife. Sprinkle with freeze dried strawberries!

7. Pop in the freezer to harden! 

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